Onion Bulbs Food Fresh Healthy Ingredient

Onions are absolutely one of the most delicious and Elastic commodities

From sour steaming soups to satisfying

Homemade salsa, onions play an important part in our everyday cooking.

Flavorful appetizers from onion dips to salad dressing, main course

Buying onions is a very simple job. Search for dry, papery skins with no soft

spots. You should also notice the absence of any strong odor. A good dry

Onion will have very little to no smell to it at all. If it’s a strong

Onion odor the onion has already started to turn bad.

Sweet onions such as Vidalia

And Walla Walla are mellow enough to eat raw, but they’re excellent

Try them

In the oven also.

Caramelizing onions during cooking will give a rich sweetness to

Recipes, enhancing kitchen aromas and have everyone asking,”What’s for

dinner?” Followed shortly by”fabulous, perfection and superb.”

Grab an old pair of your wife’s panty hose, cut off the legs. Now you

Simply drop an onion down to the top of the hose and tie a knot

Directly over the onion. Repeat this process until each onion is

Secured and hang the hose in a cool dry, well ventilated space, out of

To remove the onion, simply cut the hose with a pair of scissors right

Under the knot and the onion easily falls out.

Keep your onions for around three months.

Kosher salt is among the best items to use to remove the odor of the

Onion from your hands. Wash your hands with a little dish washing soap,

The course feel of the kosher salt. Rinse your hands and repeat if


How do you eliminate the tears?

“ease your pain.”

You can place the onion in the fridge for about thirty minutes

Prior to chopping or if you’re in a hurry toss them in the freezer for

About four to five minutes. The cold will tone down the sulfur compound

In addition be sure to use the sharpest knife