Are Trees REALLY Important?

From our very early school years we’re advised that trees are an essential part of our ecosystem. That we should manage them rather than cut them down. But why? What do trees actually do, what about¬†Raccoon Poop,¬† and why are they so important to our planet?

To begin, trees produce oxygen. In 1 season one tree generates as much oxygen as 10 humans will breath in an entire year. Without trees we wouldn’t have clean oxygen to breath. Deciduous Trees, Forest, Trees

In addition to producing oxygen trees also absorb the harmful gasses that are in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. By lowering the air temperature trees are able to remove air pollution.

Trees also clean out the soil. They filter sewage, reduce the effects of animal wastes, clean roadside spills and filter farm compounds to either convert harmful pollutants from the soil to helpful ones, or to consume them altogether.

Regarding our immediate interests, trees are an excellent way to muffle noise as much as a stone wall. It’s no surprise that people who reside in the countryside have such calm existences. This is a key advantage to developing green areas within urban centers.

From a sustainable energy perspective, this might mean reducing the restriction of natural resources by planting a big tree on the outside of the sunny side of a structure. Obviously trees also provide to shade to individuals sitting beneath them and large regions surrounded by them.

After all trees are amazing and for that reason make life more attractive. Lying in a hammock under a weeping willow calms us in a manner that just a weeping willow can. Seeing the blossoms of a magnolia tree in the spring can not be replaced by anything else either.

Trees that exist within the public parts of a community belong to the whole community. They are the trees that the children of that community will grow up playing on. Swinging in their branches, building temples in their own crowns and reading under.

Trees are a critical part of our world for quite a few reasons, which explains the reason they need to be cared for of.

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